Then and Then and Now: H and Connecticut, NW

Corcoran HouseThen: Built in 1828, and remodeled for William Wilson Corcoran in 1849, the Corcoran House was on the northeast corner of H Street and Connecticut Ave., NW, with a view of Lafayette Square and the White House, until 1922.

Chamber of Commerce of the United StatesAnd then: The United States Chamber of Commerce, taken sometime between 1922 and 1925 when construction was completed.

United States Chamber of CommerceAnd Now: More than 90 years later, the Chamber has grown to represent more than 3 million businesses, nearly 3,000 state and local chambers, 830 associations, and over 90 American Chambers of Commerce abroad.


5 Responses to “Then and Then and Now: H and Connecticut, NW”

  1. Ooh! What is that building to the north of the chamber in the middle picture?

  2. Wow, you actually knew. Nice!

  3. Eh, its what librarians do. They either know, or know how to find it.

  4. John O'Brien Says:

    I am trying to find out more about a civil war construction project. The old War Department (NW Executive Office Building) was expanded from two to four stories in early 1863. Are you aware of any photos or descriptions of this project? I have a special interest in Lafayette Square during the civil war. I have enjoyed the accuracy of this site on other buildings such as the Corcoran House. Thanks for your work.

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