This Date in History

June 7, 1912: The Park View Citizens’ Association adopted a resolution that the 30 policemen engaged at the White House should be returned to regular duty about the city, and that a special bodyguard should be formed for the President. The resolution was introduced by W.E. Loney, who said that the White House was the only government building in the city without a special police force.White House Police 1902


2 Responses to “This Date in History”

  1. I think the boys were Theodore Roosevelt’s children, Archie and Quentin, as this picture is possibly of Teddy Roosevelt’s time.

  2. I’d have to agree with you on the Children. I think the depiction of the policemen stationed at the White House conveys the correct spirit of the times, though. Personally, that’s one of the things I love about all of these old bits and pieces of data, is trying to figure out how it all fits — and sometimes, doesn’t.

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