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Then and Now: The Haines Building

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Haines Building ca. 1920Then: Built in 1882 by Elizabeth A. Haines as a department store, in the 1920s the most prominent business in the building was the Hachman Furniture Company.

Haines BuildingNow: The building’s been painted and the roof line has changed to accommodate another floor. Yet, the most significant changes have been with the tenants. Furniture was sold here for more than 30 years. Now its draw is Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins, which took the space when Foot Locker moved out.


Neon to Start the Work Week

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This sign is at the cleaners on the southwest corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and 10th Street, SE.1 hour service

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens

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Aquatic GardensSunday was so nice that it seemed like a great opportunity to check out the Aquatic Gardens. If you’re like me, this is something that you’ve probably been meaning to do for years, but just haven’t gotten around to.

I’m glad I went, but think that there are probably nicer times to go, as the water lilies were just opening up and other flowers weren’t yet in bloom.

That said, if you really want to feel like you are miles away for the city, but don’t want to go too far, this is a good choice. There was little to no city noises, outside the occasional boat on the Anacostia. Its a nice stroll, and I’m guessing a good place for children.

There isn’t much wildlife to see unless you consider rabbits and geese wildlife. However, if you’re into birds, I heard plenty of them.

To learn more about how the gardens including how they came to be, you can go to their Web site.  More photos after the jump. Continue reading

Call for Artists: Art on Call

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The following call for artists was brought to my attention by a reader and was originally posted by Frozen Tropics by inked on 6/8/09:

The Trinidad Neighborhood Association is currently seeking artists interested in gaining exposure, and creating beauty that will be seen by residents of, and visitors to, the Trinidad neighborhood. Artists would, with input from the community, develop and execute concepts that celebrate the history, and spirit of the Trinidad neighborhood. The art would be on display permanently in the area’s police and fire callboxes that stand on street corners throughout the neighborhood. The Art on Call project, which is administered by Cultural Tourism DC, would cover the cost of materials. Artists who live or work in, or near, the Trinidad community are especially encouraged to apply (but we are seeking applications from any interested individuals or groups). Amateurs, as well as professionals (and youth groups) are encouraged to apply. Please send emails to, or call 202-631-8254 if you are interested. You can also attend tomorrow night’s Neighborhood Association meeting:

Tuesday June 9th
Trinidad Recreation Center
1310 Childress NE


Filming in Washington, 1921

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Photographed on November 2, 1921, is Miss Gorman of Washington, D.C., designated Miss America in the Atlantic City Beauty Pageant of 1921. She entered the movies as leading lady in a Washington Producing Co., and is pictured here filming a burlesque on the burning of Rome. Playing opposite her is Stehen(?) Fegan, also of Washington, D.C.Margaret Gorman (Miss America 1921)

Hollywood Coming to DC

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According to the Post, the District has given a $1.7 million grant to Columbia Pictures in return for hiring more than 100 local crew members, several hundred extras and 20 youths to work on a romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd to be filmed in the city. You can read the entire article here>>


I’m glad to hear that a movie featuring Washington will actually be filmed here. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing what is supposed to be the District portrayed by localities that are obviously Baltimore, Los Angeles, or Toronto. I realize that getting all the paperwork in order must be a royal pain based on the relatively simple things I’ve needed to accomplish with DC, but there is no excuse for sloppy film work if you truly want a movie to be believable.

This Date in History

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June 8, 1903: Secretary Root had a long conference with President Roosevelt. The Secretary arrived at the executive offices about 1 o’clock. They discussed at length developments in the Philippine nationtheodore-roosevelt, the Secretary having with him a bundle of documents bearing upon various phases of the question as well as upon other matters concerning his department.