Call for Artists: Art on Call

The following call for artists was brought to my attention by a reader and was originally posted by Frozen Tropics by inked on 6/8/09:

The Trinidad Neighborhood Association is currently seeking artists interested in gaining exposure, and creating beauty that will be seen by residents of, and visitors to, the Trinidad neighborhood. Artists would, with input from the community, develop and execute concepts that celebrate the history, and spirit of the Trinidad neighborhood. The art would be on display permanently in the area’s police and fire callboxes that stand on street corners throughout the neighborhood. The Art on Call project, which is administered by Cultural Tourism DC, would cover the cost of materials. Artists who live or work in, or near, the Trinidad community are especially encouraged to apply (but we are seeking applications from any interested individuals or groups). Amateurs, as well as professionals (and youth groups) are encouraged to apply. Please send emails to, or call 202-631-8254 if you are interested. You can also attend tomorrow night’s Neighborhood Association meeting:

Tuesday June 9th
Trinidad Recreation Center
1310 Childress NE



One Response to “Call for Artists: Art on Call”

  1. Jim Crotty Says:

    This is a n empty fire box “harp,” made for a cottage style firebox to be affixed. When this equipment was “in service” there was a red dome light at the top of the vertical pole on the top of the harp. This would come on when the fire box was “pulled” to help the responding fire fighters better identify the location of the box. The open base section (visible) is where all the wiring was located. At one time their was a cover, opened and locked with a key. Thanks for sharing these with us.
    Sincerely, Jim Crotty

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