DDOT/Metro … We Have a Problem

Petworth leak 3I discovered when I arrived at the Georgia Ave./Petworth Metro this morning that the sudden downpour this morning flooded, of all things, the Metro station. Nearly the entire length of the platform was flooded.

Tracing the water down the platform, I quickly learned that the leak was coming from above.

Petworth leakI think its logical to presume that the median work on New Hampshire Avenue has compromised the integrity of the Metro station, and that there will continue to be water during showers until this is addressed.

I know the community has been concerned that the median work has not gone deep enough to support the planned trees … but guess what, that may not be an option. Ultimately, the neighborhood may have to accept smaller plantings. We’ll see.

The cause was likely a clogged storm drain or ventilator shaft, which is much better than my initially assumption which showed my complete ignorance of the construction details of this station. This is one instance where I’m am thrilled to have been wrong.petworth leak blurry


2 Responses to “DDOT/Metro … We Have a Problem”

  1. Kent,

    I think its logical to presume that you have no clue about road construction if you think the median work on New Hampshire Avenue has compromised the integrity of the Metro station.

    The median work was minimally invasive to the surface of Georgia Avenue. DDOT didn’t dig down more than a few inches – a fact I’ve documented and several of us are working to change as this will negatively impact tree selection and plant life.

    The Petworth metro station is actually deeper than many other stations, under 20+ feet of compacted fill then several layers of concrete and steel. To think the median work would impact the tunnel is like thinking a scratch on your chest could harm your heart.

    The metro moisture may have impacted your brain however, as you’re jumping to crazy conclusions rather than realizing that the water most likely is coming in through a overwhelmed or clogged ventilation shaft. I would suggest clearing your mind by looking around the metro station vent shafts (those metal grates on the intersection above) for flood marks.

  2. Thanks Wayan … I really should drink more before I post. A clogged storm drain makes me feel a lot better about the medians … and gives me more confidence that the planned construction was actually on the right track. Now, if you can get them to just build them properly to support organic life, everyone will win.

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