Crime Camera Installed at Kalorama and Champlain

MPDcameraAccording to Councilmember Jim Graham’s Web site, there is now a MPD crime camera at the dead end (soon to be opened up) at Kalorama and Champlain. While Graham acknowledges crime cameras are no substitute for an officer’s physical presence, he does believe it will help with the crime in that area.

I know that Ward 1 has had a tough time of it lately, relative to crime, and with only so many resources to go around, I think anything is a step in the right direction. I also strongly believe that MPD can not do it alone, and for a neighborhood to move in a positive direction is takes the active participation and cooperation of the citizens living in the neighborhood.

We’ll see if crime cameras actually do make a significant difference in crime deterance, but we are certainly no worse off for having them. Even if they don’t stop the initial crime from occuring, if they help catch and convict someone, it does prevent future criminal activity.


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