Second Pocket Door Conversion Project

Pocket door conversion IIFollowing up on my earlier pocket door conversion is this one. Luckily, I think these are the only two I’ll have to do. I wish I could say the same for refinishing doors.

This door came from Community Forklift because I didn’t have a spare door in the house. Also, because the door needed to be narrower than 2 feet.

The door selected is pine, and as you’ll see, it will have a natural finish.

Two things you really, really, need to keep in mind with pine.

  1. Always work with the grain of the wood. It doesn’t matter if its stripping or sanding, you have to work with the grain. Pine is a soft wood and will easily scratch.
  2. Don’t think you will be able to stain pine easily. The grain that makes it an attractive wood also can differ in how it absorbs stain. Frequently, a piece of pine will not stain evenly.

Pocket door conversion IIBecause of this, if I’m working with pine my intent is either a natural finish or a painted end product.

I’m at the point where my door is stripped. Before I can move forward, I need to cut in the mortise and hardware. This door was unlike the last one in that it has never been cut for a mortise before.

I’ll post more when I figure out how to do that without destroying the door. I sure I’ve worked it out in my head, its the execution that’s going to be tricky.
Pocket door conversion II


4 Responses to “Second Pocket Door Conversion Project”

  1. What did you use to strip the paint? I want to do that on my pocket door conversion 🙂

  2. Well, I’m probably a bit odd. I’ve used Stripeeze for years and love it. You can’t get it at Home Depot, but Fragers sells it. I think Lowe’s might sell it too. Its messy, I won’t mislead you on that one. It also has fumes that can be harmful, so definitely work in a well ventilated space.

    Another option would be to call The Stripping Workshop. I’ve heard great things about them even though I’ve never used them myself. They are located at 411 New York Ave., NE, just past the intersection with Florida. (202-544-1470).

  3. Cool thanks!

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