Georgia Avenue Great Streets Update

I wish I had more news on this than I do, but I’ll share what I know.

Last night, representatives of DDOT came to the ANC1A meeting to give an update on the Georgia Avenue Great Streets project.

The only thing that was learned officially is that the money that was initially set aside for Georgia Avenue was used for H Street, NE, construction. The city has since been trying to find ways to replace those funds and thinks that they have nearly been able to do that. It is their hope that funds will be secured by the end of this summer, with a Fall 2009 start date for construction.

Middle Georgia Ave. PlanWhat is confusing to me, and to others that were at the meeting, is that the representatives at various times reminded folks that there is an upper, middle, and lower Georgia Avenue plan … and then said that those designations no longer applied … only to reverse that statement and state that there are three areas.

Lower Georgia Ave. is designated as between Otis and Florida Avenue. When a question was raised about the Otis to Rock Creek Church Rd. section, we were told that that is part of the Middle Georgia Ave. Plan, a Ward 4 project, so we shouldn’t be too worried about it. The DDOT representatives were reminded that south of Rock Creek Church Rd. IS in Ward 1.

As confusing as all of this is, information is available from the DDOT Web site, but I’m sure it won’t be any clearer than what was discussed last night as its dated. To get to the DDOT Georgia Avenue documents, go here>>


5 Responses to “Georgia Avenue Great Streets Update”

  1. I hope they are pressured to provide the infrastructure for future streetcar lines from the Petworth stop north to Brigthwood and beyond (to Silver Spring, eventually). It would create a much-needed transportation network for “upper NW” and would require limited improvements- just a high-grade cement rail bed and upgraded electric conduit.

  2. I hear you on that. I’m a big supporter of the proposed streetcar lines.

  3. I sent an email to Gabe Klein with that sentiment, and he seemed to agree. But I doubt they’ll implement streetcar-ready designs without significant public pressure to do so.

  4. “the money that was initially set aside for Georgia Avenue was used for H Street, NE,” – are you kidding me? What b.s.

  5. Exactly!

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