Another Safety Inspection at the DMV

DMV Safety Inspection I can’t tell you how much I hate getting the inspections/tags renewed on my truck. It isn’t that DC makes it all that painful, I just hate it. Between having a root canal and going to the DMV, I’d choose the root canal every time.

I try to minimize my anxiouty by going for the two year cycle … but it doesn’t make me like it any more. I think it must be psychologial. Perhaps a fear that there is a chance of my vehicle getting rejected, and by transference, that I’m being rejected.

This year, I even did the tag renewal electronically and online … EARLY. And what to I have to show for it? My tags expire tomorrow, and the new sticker is still in the envelop on my dresser. I mean, that’s insane, right?

Vehicles waiting for inspectionSo, not wanting to take time off of work, and wanting to take advantage to the generous hours the inspection station is open (notice, I didn’t make an appointment), I woke up at 5:30 am, got there at 5:53, and they open at 6:00. Funny thing, I was there 7 minutes early, and cars were already in line … AND THEY WERE OPEN AND MOVING! I thought that was incredible.

Vehicles being inspectedAnother thing that amazed me is that the expiration date was taken into account when the DMV worker told people which line to go to. The two cars ahead of me had plenty of time and were told to wait over to the side. My tag expired in 3 days … go directly to line 2 … Sweet!

I know there’s been some scuttlebutt that safety inspections will cease, but until they do, I’m glad it was as painless as it could be … and that I wasn’t rejected.


One Response to “Another Safety Inspection at the DMV”

  1. DCDave05 Says:

    You used “that word” again. Good for you. 😉

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