Some Details on the Consolidated Forensic Laboratory

CFL designLast week, Mayor Fenty announce that the Consolidated Forensic Laboratory (CFL)  construction contract selection package was sent to the City Council for review and approval. At the ANC1A meeting last Wednesday, a representative of the CFL dropped off the May 2009 newsletter that provided a few more details, and you can read more at the CFL site. The following excerpts are from the Web site:

The CFL will be a state-of-the-art research facility for the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Forensic Laboratory, the Department of Health (DOH) Public Health Laboratory and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME). It will coordinate crime, public safety and health investigations to help law enforcement solve crimes quickly without having to rely on other laboratories with competing priorities. The total project cost will be about $220 million, including specialized equipment.

The CFL will be built on the site of the former MPD First District Headquarters, at 415 4th Street, SW in Ward 6.  The First District recently moved to the former Bowen School in southwest, paving the way for demolition. The firm-fixed price contract includes abatement and demolition of the old building as well as a 35 percent set-aside for Certified Business Enterprises (CBE).

CFL site


One Response to “Some Details on the Consolidated Forensic Laboratory”

  1. As a police rookie I was assigned to this building (old #4 Precinct) in 1966. I have a lot of memories of walking footbeats all over SW, “back in the day.” I remember the original Flagship Restaurant (housed in a former bowling alley) and the original Phillips SeaFood Restaurant (housed in an old brick building that had a plaque on it stating that it was recognized as the nation’s first airplane factory! Wonder how they managed to get permission to tear it down?) Old “Johnny Mandis’s restaurant located at 3rd and E in the SW Market buildings. The strip mall shopping center on the NE corner of 4th and G was brand new then – I watched James Earl Jones, early in his career, perform in ‘The Great White Hope’ at the original Arena Stage. On summer Sat. nights they would muster all the #4 manpower to meet the excursion boat when it docked at the SW waterfront – lots of fights, drunks, and and disorderlies after spending all day and evening at the amusement park. Vice Pres. Hubert Humphrey used to live in the high-rise overlooking the Fire and Police pier. Ah well . . . ! Lots of memories are going with that building, glad to see that it will remain the site for further law enforcement activity. Regards to everyone/anyone who reads this comment and may find it interesting, or even better, remembers the same things.

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