807 Rock Creek Church Road: Some Historical Tidbits

Faith Deliverance CenterMany of the old commercial buildings that are along the Georgia Avenue corridor have long ago ceased to be what they originally were, or are just sitting vacant. This often leads me to ponder what these structures were like back when this part of the city was bustling.

One sleepy little structure is just off the corridor to the east on Rock Creek Church Road. Its a handsome enough building, and still has all its original detail and charm in tact … at least from the facade.

Currently, its functioning as the Faith Deliverance Center, but it was originally a grocery store.

From the scant records I can find, it was listed among the locations operated by United Grocers’ Company in May, 1912, when the company went into receivership.

From product ad listings, I’ve also been able to find that P.F. Carley operated a grocery out of this building in 1916, George E. Miller ran the grocery there in 1920, and it was the Nimetz Brothers Market in 1921. You can see ads for some of the products sold there after the jump.
Pul-vo-drip April 17 1916
50 50 Food and Drink Aug. 17 1920Nimetz Bros. Market ad June 14 1921


2 Responses to “807 Rock Creek Church Road: Some Historical Tidbits”

  1. RCCHRD Resident Says:

    This is so cool! I wonder if it can go back to something like that. The church is nice, but it appears to have a very small following. And, it does little to encourage the adjacent buildings to clean up their act.

    I have always been curious about this stretch of Rock Creek Church Road because it appears to be commercial spillover on an otherwise residential street.

    So tell me, what are the politics of a street that is half commercial and half residential, part Ward 1 and part Ward 4 (isn’t the border for the two wards somewhere down the center of Rock Creek Church Road?)

  2. Well, I think the church will be there as long as they want/need to be. It is their space now.

    That said, like you, I like this stretch of RCCR. From a photograph I have ca. 1927, the Grocery store was there, and the building that currently has Sweet Mango was a barber shop. The residential structures behind them on RCCR and New Hampshire were there. The other commercial structures had not been build yet.

    The border between Ward 4 and 1 Is RCCR between Park Place and Georgia Ave. This has its challenges. Some more subtle than others. Each side of the steet is also on different trash pick up cycles, different police districts, and mostly, on different power grids. (I live on RCCR too).

    The neighbors are great, and tend to treat it as one neighborhood. I’ve found that helpful.

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