Lost Washington: The Chalfonte, 2116 P Street, NW

Chalfonte 2116 P Street, NW
The Chalfonte on P Street was a four story with basement apartment building constructed of brick with limestone trim. The lot it was located on was 60 x 100 feet. It contained three, five room and bath; thirteen, four room and bath; and four, two room and bath apartments.

The earliest mention of the Chalfonte I’ve found to date is when Moore & Hill brokered a deal where the building was sold to New York business man, James T. Anyon, around December 24, 1911,  for $80,000. At that time it had an annual rental income of $9,300.

Four years later, Moore & Hill again assisted in the sale of the Chalfonte when the building sold in February, 1915, to a new owner for $90,000.

The last mention of the apartment building found so far is from December 24, 1936, when a four-alarm fire broke out ruining one apartment and damaging several others. Damage was estimated at $10,000.

The rental ad below is from August 4, 1917.Chalfonte rents August 5, 1917


One Response to “Lost Washington: The Chalfonte, 2116 P Street, NW”

  1. Michael Says:

    The building does not seem to exist anymore, but a quick look on google maps shows the address as approximately where the Residence Inn is currently.

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