Marvin’s Owners May Expand to Petworth

billy-simpsons-house-of-seafoodAccording to the Washington Business Journal, there may be new life in the former Billy Simpson’s House of Seafood and Steaks located at 3815 Georgia Avenue, NW.

From the Washington Business Journal:

Eric and Ian Hilton and the team behind the tremendously popular Marvin restaurant on U Street are eyeing a parcel in Petworth to open another restaurant concept.

Developer Chris Donatelli, who is working on the property along with Mosaic Urban Partners LLC, confirmed that he is in talks with the group for a new restaurant at 3815 Georgia Ave. NW. Donatelli and the city recently negotiated a land deal for the spot.


4 Responses to “Marvin’s Owners May Expand to Petworth”

  1. Awesome. The sooner the better.

  2. RCCHRD Resident Says:

    I’d be psyched to learn about the other tenants to occupy Park Place. Is Colorado Kitchen still on? Oh, how cool it would be to have a Busboys or Eatonville co-equivalent.

  3. I agree with Eric B. it will be very nice to have another Marvin’s or an alternative to it in our area!!!

  4. stephanie Says:

    I have never heard of Marvin’s and don’t know what it’s like., but I have the fondest memories of Billy Simpson’s from my childhood. I grew up in New York, but both my parents were Howard University students. Every year, a pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., was necessary, and a visit to Billy Simpson’s was de rigeuer. In short, it was my favorite restaurant in the world as a child, and I saw many restaurants in my childhood, both upscale and not so. As I said, I have no idea what Marvin’s is like, but I would rather see nothing in this historic site than something that is not reminiscent and respectful of the Billy Simpson legend.

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