Update on Rock Creek Market

Rock Creek Market June 2009I wanted to keep folks current on what’s going on at the Rock Creek Market located at 646 Rock Creek Church Road (corner of Warder).

At the time of this posting, the exterior is nearly done if not completely done. All the activity is on the fit and finish inside, and the owner of the market is shooting for an open date at the end of July or the beginning of August. All indications are that the market will be nothing like its predecessor, Royal Farms.

I’ll keep you posted as more information becomes publicly available.


2 Responses to “Update on Rock Creek Market”

  1. RCCHRD Resident Says:

    I’m hopeful, but not entirely convinced that the new market will significantly out-do its predecessor. The facade is a definite improvement. Even the adjacent storefront building got a facelift, which is quite encouraging. However, i recall a certain heap of trash that sat in front of the buiding for nearly a month. frankly it seemed less than neighborly for the owners of the esblishment to allow the debris to sit for so long. I think the city ended up taking it away.

  2. From what I’ve heard, the new owner really wants to work with the community and looks like he may be at one of the upcoming Park View UNC meetings to hear what we want the store to be.

    The trash was a problem … but I understand his frustration. When you have a dumpster and others take advantage of it, should you really pay to remove someone else’s trash? I know the answer to that is no … but the reality of the situation generally tends to be yes.

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