Reloading SmarTrip Cards @ CVS, Giant Soon … How Cool is That?

metro-mapI read in yesterdays Express that you can now add value to your SmarTrip card at many CVS stores, and that Giant hopes to have the same service available soon in at least 50 locations (Post column here).

What can I say, except THANK YOU!!!!

I know it shouldn’t be a hassle to get the card recharged, but I dread it. In general, they only time I’m near a machine that will do it is when I’m among the herd that just got off a train, or waiting with a herd for the next train. Add tourists into the mix of folks who are trying to use a vending machine, and the lines can be horrid.

Knowing that will soon no longer need to go anywhere near Metro to add value to my card is a Godsend.


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