Will Speed on Rock Creek Church Rd Ever Be Checked?

Speed monitor Rock Creek Church RdThis is disheartening to me, but perhaps its only a metaphorical speed bump. In less that two weeks time, MPD has gone from the portable speed equipment on Rock Creek Church Rd, to the smaller black box with the cable across the road, to nothing.

To me, there can only be two reasons … but as has happened before, others may know more and be able to provide a better answer.

  1. The temporary monitoring on speed was merely to calm residents complaints about the problem, and the data they collected did not support neighborhood concerns, or,
  2. The data collected in the two week period overwhelmingly showed there was a problem and there was no further need for monitoring. I would hope this was the case.

What I do know is this is a major concern, and a difficult problem to address. Starting with the intersection at RCCR and 5th/Park Place, speed accelerates east on RCCR and south on Park Place. That means that to truly solve this, it will take multiple jurisdictions to coordinate and work together, and that isn’t easy.


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