New Tagging, and Possible Gang Activity in Park View … Points North

P1010003Last night, Park View got tagged with the word “Cronies” along Warder Street. In all there are 8 taggings, 4 in ANC1A08 — the others just north of Park View. I’ve been told this could be the sign of a new gang trying to take hold.

Neighbors are asked to report any graffiti they find by calling 311. You can also read more about the city’s graffiti removal program here.  

Among the victims of last night’s spree are the coming Rock Creek Market at the corner of Warder and Rock Creek Church Rd. and the wall in front of the pool at the Park View Recreation Center.Tagging at the Park View Rec Center


4 Responses to “New Tagging, and Possible Gang Activity in Park View … Points North”

  1. RCCHRD Resident Says:

    I actually think that the one that occurred at Rock Creek Church Market happened during the day. I was watering my lawn one moment and the building was clear. I went in to get a bit of fertilizer and returned to discover the tag. Bold little critters.
    Also, it appears that a building on Georgia Avenue was hit too.

    Tags are tags, which means that they are meant to show that a certain person or crew was present at a particular location. I wouldn’t go so far as to assume a new gang presence or takeover. That would involve much more than spray paint, I am certain.

  2. Well, it may be gang related, and it might not be. Either way, MPD is going to investigate. Until they actually catch someone, I don’t think we’ll know for sure.

    I agree they are bold.

  3. […] Now for the bad, within the last 24 hours, vandal have damaged the glass of the front door and one of the windows. While this validates the recent addition of bars on the windows, I think its sad that the store was targeting before its even had a chance to open. You may recall it was also the victim of graffiti back on June 19th. […]

  4. […] Rock Creek Market Delays Opening Vandalism of the Rock Creek Market, first with graffiti on June 18th (right), and later with the breaking of two windows (below), has caused concern to the owner and […]

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