Park View Rec Center Gets Flowers

Park View Rec Center gardenAnother thing happening over at the Park View Rec Center is gardening. It’s come to my attention that Director Ximena Hartsock strongly supports this initiative and feels that it is very important to the environment of the Rec Center. Park View is also a focus for her.

As you can see from the photos, the area long the fence has been prepared for plantings as have the planters in front of the building. One of the planters was nearly done when we returned to the center after Mayor Fenty’s visit yesterday.Garden at Park View Rec Center


4 Responses to “Park View Rec Center Gets Flowers”

  1. Is DPR planting these flowers?

  2. Right now, I’d have to find out. There is a lot going on over there with volunteers … so I’ll have to ask around and find out exactly who’s responsible for supplying the plantings.

  3. I was able to find out that the flowers came from a grant as well as the DPR greenhouse. They are part of a community garden project that will have a little area by the pool house where vegetables will be grown.

  4. […] View Community Garden I posted on June 25th that I’d noticed that the Park View Rec Center had new flowers planted in the streetscape […]

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