Homicides Down Nearly 20%, MPD Reports

The Washington Post reported today that:

With 2009 half over, the number of homicides reported by police in the District — 66 — is 20 percent below last year’s figure and is on pace to be the lowest yearly total in decades.

If the homicide rate continued through December, the total for 2009 would be 134. That would be 52 fewer slayings than last year and 47 fewer than in 2007. It would be 35 fewer than in 2006.

With some very high profile, and violent, homicides in recent weeks, its hard to keep this larger picture in mind. The city still has its hot spots, and 14th Street seems to have several of them. If one can say there is a bright side to these violent crimes, it would be that several of the perpetrators have actually been caught, arrested, and awaiting trial.


One Response to “Homicides Down Nearly 20%, MPD Reports”

  1. RCCHRD Resident Says:

    this is great news. I wonder what the rate is for our hood. It seems like crime has spiked significantly since the start of summer. And, to prove it, tonight the helicopter was overhead AGAIN! When I called the police station I was told that the chopper was assisting with a criminal investigation.

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