Vintage Ride of the Week: 1937 Plymouth

1937  PlymouthOther than this being a 1937 Plymouth, I don’t know anything more specific. There is a lot of information here if you can figure out which data is relevant to this sedan.

I was surprised to see this car on the 400 block of Newton over the weekend. At first I thought maybe someone had driven in for the Caribbean Festival on Saturday, but then I saw it was still there on Sunday.

Either way, it was a beautiful car.

1937 PlymouthMore images after the jump1937 Plymouth detail
1937 Plymouth hood ornament
1937 Plymouth
1937 Plymouth
1937 Plymouth rear view
1937 Plymouth emblem on trunk


2 Responses to “Vintage Ride of the Week: 1937 Plymouth”

  1. This is a 1938 Plymouth and not a 1937, the tip off is the shorter grill.

  2. Thanks. I was getting the date off the registration sticker in the window, so I guess I should have double checked it a bit further. Still, its a great car.

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