It Doesn’t Pay to Fight the City

New no parking on Thursday signBack on May 18th I posted my frustration that the street sweeper had come along and due to operator error, issued me a ticket. Well, as is typical me, I pointed the error out to the Director of DPW, William Howland. He assured me that I was correct and that I should just be patient because an administrative void had been entered into the system.

Well, after being patient and waiting over 4 weeks, not to mention getting a notice in the mail letting me know that my ticket was now $60 rather than the initial $30 because it was over 30 days, I threw my hands in the air and wrote a formal letter denying the ticket. Exactly what I didn’t want to do on a regular basis.

Well, I guess DPW showed me. Tuesday they came out and posted no parking signs for Thursday street cleaning days. There was never a need or problem prior to the new street sweeper cameras. Apparently, its just easier to install signs rather than train sweeper operators.

Well, on the bright side, the situation couldn’t be clearer now, and I know where I can and can’t park on Thursday mornings.

As a side note, I wonder just how official the work order for this stretch of road was, considering that it wasn’t on any of the printed sheets, but rather hand written on the back of one of them (Gents, you might not want to leave the paperwork behind next time).
DPW Work order
DPW work order?

One Response to “It Doesn’t Pay to Fight the City”

  1. LibrariNerd Says:

    That is frakkin’ hilarious. They left it behind. And it was handwritten. You can’t make this stuff up.

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