Police Helicopters Wednesday Night

pollice helicopterFor those of you that live in northern Park View or southern Petworth, you may have wondered what was up with the police helicopters last night. It’s my understanding that a liquor store on Georgia Ave. was robbed there was a robbery and the helicopters were part of the police response.

If anyone knows more about this incident, please share what you know.


4 Responses to “Police Helicopters Wednesday Night”

  1. This is what I heard from the MPD-4D Yahoo Group

    “I spoke to the watch commander in ref to this. Officer Beam confirmed the sounds were not gunfire but fireworks.

    Also, the helicopter is in the area due to a separate incident. We had a robbery earlier that involved a stolen car. We found the car in the 400 blk of Shepherd St and we asked for the helicopter to assist with additional lighting so we could use our K-9 to try and track the suspects that were in the vehicle.

    Commander Linda Brown
    Fourth District”

  2. Thanks PetworthRowHouse.

    I just got this too which sounds like the same incident and was sent at 7:30 last night:

    “At approximately 25 minutes ago we had a Robbery Hold up (Gun ) at 690 Nicholson St NE. A black male subject armed with a black hand gun, exited the passenger side of a vehicle and robbed two subjects of a cell phone and their wallets. The subject jumped back into the vehicle and the vehicle was last seen headed southwest from Nicholson Street NE

    The suspect is describe as a Black Male wearing a black and blue shirt, blue jeans, brown complexion, approx. 5’7 in height. The driver is described Black male with no further look out.

    The vehicle is described as a 4 door, Black crown vic type vehicle with a DC tag

    Anyone with information please call (202) 727-9099”

  3. All that said, it appears Lion’s Liquors may have been robbed last night too based on the 3D Crime report I’m reading through.

  4. RCChRD Res Says:


    I mean its great to know that why the chopper was overhead. But, I am not yet convinced that the chopper is the most effective means of apprehending a suspect. Okay, I’ll admit it… I just hate the sound of it.

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