Rock Creek Market News

Rock Creek MarketAt last night’s Park View UNC meeting, the owners/developers of the Rock Creek Market attended to tell the community about their progress, and ask the neighborhood what kind of market they wanted.

They clearly stated that the goal is for the market to belong to the neighborhood. They want it light and accessible, and they want to carry items in support of the neighborhoods needs. To that end, a sheet was passed around to attendees so that they could write down their top three items that they want the market to stock, which gives the owners a better idea of what to carry.

One member at the meeting suggested they take a look at the market in Le Droit Park at 4th and T, as that sounded like the type of market they are attempting to create.

It was also mentioned that they have applied for a licence to carry wine and beer, but that would not be in place for their opening … which is still on track for the end of July or early August.

Another idea that was floated was to have outdoor seating. It was well received and is something that will be considered. Again, that will not be in place when the market opens.

The hours are currently planned to be 8 am to 1o pm. Depending upon community support and demand, those hours may change, but the market will not be a 24 hour establishment.

Lastly, as to the structure, they have decided to put bars on the windows. As you can see below, I think they are tasteful and it was a better option that leaving the windows boarded up like they were.Rock Creek Market windows


4 Responses to “Rock Creek Market News”

  1. LibrariNerd Says:

    I know a lot of people can’t stand bars on windows, but those are almost cute. If you just glance at them, they look like old-timey panes.

  2. I know. They almost look like window panes rather than bars. I thinks its a very good choice as far as bars go.

  3. RCChRD Res Says:

    Ditto on the windwos. They’d really look nice with planter boxes beneath the bars. I am very excited about the new market

  4. RCChRD Res Says:

    PS. Perhaps we could get together as a neighborhood to build window boxes for the new market as a show of community support. Plus is would beautify our neighborhood by adding a bit of much need green to that corner.

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