Then and Now: 704 Quincy Street, NW

702-704 Quincey St704 Quincey Street, NW

Left: Built ca. 1907, 702 and 704 Quincy are shown here ca. 1920. Right: Other than being brightly painted, the row of four that 704 belongs too is still in fairly good shape. As you can see below, each house has been painted to make it separate from the others. The only major change viewable from the street is that the corner house has been popped up and converted into multiple units. You can get a better idea from the second photo below.

700-6 Quincy Street
700 Quincy

One Response to “Then and Now: 704 Quincy Street, NW”

  1. RCChRD Res Says:

    The pop up on the building is fairly new, like maybe less than five years old. I remember when they were building it. The history that you have uncovered is great. But, I am still mesmerized by how much the neighborhood has changed in the last twenty years. It is not uncommon to hear old-timers report of open drug wars and gang fights right at the corner of Rock Creek Church Road and Warder Streets. I imagine that twenty years ago the idea of a multi-unit pop-up of the magnitude reflected in your picture of 700 Quincy simply would not have happened.

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