Petworth Celebrates the 4th … in 1921

petworth-july-4th-celebration-1921-2I love it when I’m able to find the story behind the pictures. Here, I’ve been able to match up the photographs of the Petworth 1921 July 4th festivities with the Washington Post’s account of the event.

The Post article, published the following day, reads:

Petworth Citizens Take Part in All-Day Program

An all-day program of patriotic exercises and athletic events featured the thirteenth annual celebration of Independence day in Petworth under the auspices of the citizen’s association. A gorgeous display of fireworks at Grant circle last night brought the celebration to a close.

The celebration began at 10:30 o’clock with a parade. Flag raising exercises were held at noon, when a naval field piece was fired in salute to the flag. Singing of the patriotic songs was directed by Charles L. Wengerd.

Sports began at 1 o’clock with a baseball game between the Petworth boys’ baseball club and the Petworth married men, who won by 4 to 2. Track events were held at 3 o’clock.

Patriotic exercises were held at 6:30 on Grant circle. The Rev. F. Paul Langhorne presided. An address was delivered by Representative James W. Dunbar, of Indiana. He was introduced by C. J. James, former president of the Petworth Citizens’ association. Brief remarks were made by J. L. Carr, president of the association and A. D. Sartwell, general chairman of the celebration committee. The Declaration of Independence was read by Oscar J. Randall. Community singing was led by Charles E. Wire. The Rev. W. F. Harkey, assistant pastor, Wallace Memorial Presbyterian church, gave the invocation.

The committee in charge of the celebration was A. D. Sartwell, chairman; Gilbert I. Jackson, A. B. Caldwell, J.F. Newport, Horrace J. Phelps, Walter H. Criswell, J. L. Carr, C. J. James, R. J. F. McElroy, Jay B. Smith, J. G. Yaden, William T. Bookhultz.

The following images are from the Library of Congress, and capture some of the events of the day (images #npcc 04490, #npcc 04492, #npcc 04493, #npcc 04491, #npcc 004494)




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