Fake Police Raid in Ward 4

Montgomery County Police carDid anyone else catch this in the Washington Examiner this morning? According to their article today,

Montgomery County police officers staged a fake raid in Northwest D.C., complete with guns drawn and police lights blazing, sparking outrage from local residents who were not warned that the cops were acting for a TV show.

About a half dozen off-duty officers, who wore county uniforms and drove county police cars, were hired by a local production company to stage a police raid on 315 Aspen St. NW, which is about a quarter of a mile from the Montgomery-D.C. border.

This is apparently for a television show called Prison Wives. It’s got everyone up in arms … and it should. That no one in the neighborhood knew this would happen is insulting. That the production company, Sirens Media, didn’t get a permit or notify the city is inexcusable.

Sure, the production company has apologised, but in my opinion, they should be both fined and banned.


2 Responses to “Fake Police Raid in Ward 4”

  1. Paul of Takoma Says:

    Sure, it was surprising. But I live in the neighborhood and it was not such a big deal. We were all talking about it, but “terrified”? I sure wasn’t. That’s completely over the top. The cops should be reprimanded, and company should have to get the permit and pay whatever fine.

  2. Thanks for adding your perspective. I think it helped bring balance to this story.

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