Second Pocket Door Finished and Installed

Pocket doorI’ve finally finished and installed my second … and last … pocket door project. This door was originally painted white, and I was lucky that the paint came off as well as it did.

Its a pine door, so I had to be careful to strip, stand, and varnish with the grain because pine scratches easily. Once I got it cleaned up, I found that there was some really good color to the grain.

To finish it up I gave it two coats of polyurithane and put in the hardware (I’d previously cut the hole). What was nice about the hardware set I bought from the House of Antique Hardware was that I was able to call and get a split set.

This door is for a half bathroom, so I wanted antique brass on the outside, and polished chrome on the inside. They were perfectly happy to do that for me.

So, time for another project on my ever growing list. More photos after the jump
Pocket door conversion
Pocket door conversion
Pocket door conversion
Pocket door conversion


2 Responses to “Second Pocket Door Finished and Installed”

  1. Over the River Says:

    That looks great!

  2. I find that I actually like working with my hands. It’s something that I don’t get to do that often anymore. My hope is that I can convert the garage into a workshop someday.

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