… and Speaking of Bruce Monroe Redevelopment

I’m for getting rid of the old Bruce Monroe school 100%. I think its an eye sore and don’t see how you expect children to learn in anything that even remotely looks like a prison.

That said, do we really need to spend money building a new school? Currently the Bruce Monroe school is using the historic Park View Elementary. From the neighbors I’ve talked to, we love it. Its a far more attractive building, in a more attractive residential neighborhood, with a large grass sports field across the street from it.

Why can’t the school continue to use Park View Elementary? Georgia Avenue is largely, or at least once was, a commercial corridor. Is that really where we want our children?

Out of curiosity, I’d like to know what others think, whether it is in the poll or as a comment. 



6 Responses to “… and Speaking of Bruce Monroe Redevelopment”

  1. scottahb Says:

    If you treat students like criminals, how do you think they’ll act? I also agree.

    As to the second point: EL Haynes charter school is on Georgia Ave, and it performs quite well. I’m not sure the location has anything to do with it. But if the argument is that there could be a revenue-making business on the spot instead, then I think there’s some legitimacy there.

    I’m curious about the concentration of elementary schools in the area. In a mile radius, give or take a bit, there’s EL Haynes, Tubman, Chavez Prep, Parkview/Bruce-Monroe, CAPCS, and others I’m sure I’ve left out. I’m all for smaller schools, and there are a lot, so why does Parkview have to close when the new Bruce Monroe gets constructed (as I think is the plan)?

  2. Yes, its my understanding that Park View EL is to be closed and redeveloped, but neither Rhee or Fenty will comment as to what that developement will be. Its a historic school, which limits what you can do with it. I say, let the school be a school. If you don’t need as many schools, but don’t build one.

    While I kind of agree that Georgia Ave isn’t necessarily a “bad” location for a school, EL Haynes charter school which you’ve singled out has indicated that they don’t necessarily like being near liquor stores and strip clubs … which were there first. That feeds into my belief that Georgia Avenue isn’t an ideal location for a school.

  3. EL Haynes has very strict admission criteria and for the most part does not accept students throughout the school year which all public schools have to do. Tubman is overcrowded. The plans for the new school would not place it on Georgia Avenue but further in on the side streets. Commercial development is what would be located on Georgia Avenue.

    The Park View building while have beautiful historic features is sorely inadequate because of the quick and crappy renovation job. Mostly low income students should not have to be forced to attend school there indefinitely because some community members and developers want to put condos and retail on all of the Bruce Monroe land.

  4. Can’t the Park View building be renovated correctly to address the needs of the students? They’ve just done a great job renovated the front entryway.

  5. In-Coming Parent Says:

    Parent are currently working thier children 7-14 blocks to school in a high-crime area actually marked a redzone by DC finest. Don’t children desire to go to school in thier community?

  6. In-Coming Parent Says:

    Parent are currently walking thier children 7-14 blocks to school in a high-crime area actually marked a redzone by DC finest. Don’t children desire to go to school in thier community?

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