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July 11, 1953: George Washington University announce that an actress, a co-producer of a radio program, and two teenagers who came to the United States knowing no English were among 24 winners of full scholarships to the University. George Washington University


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  1. While we are in the neighborhood…

    GW Hatchet Blogs –
    Wednesday, July 15 Newsroom –
    – A GW Hatchet Blog« back to front July 14, 2009, 11:20 am

    Foggy Bottom Metro station will receive update in Red Line overhaul
    Posted By Gabrielle Bluestone

    The escalators at the Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro station, which have often been out of service in the past year, will be renovated next year. The Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro station will receive new escalators, a staircase and a canopy over the entrance as part of a $177 million Red Line rehabilitation project.

    Though the station is not on the Red Line, the updates were included because of necessity, said Metro spokeswoman Taryn McNeil. The Blue Line phase of the Metro overhaul won’t take place for another three to four years, McNeil said.

    “We’re adding it to the Red Line phase instead of waiting for the Blue Line phase because the escalators are breaking down,” McNeil said.

    The project is slated to begin early next year, spokesperson Candace Smith said.

    The Foggy Bottom escalators have often been out of service in the last year, and Metro spokespersons have previously said they are hard to fix because replacement parts are hard to come by.


    The canopy should incorporate GW symbols and logos – and add to the gateway effect of the Medical Center area.

  2. Sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    It nice to see that they are addressing the needs of the GW Metro rather than sticking to a schedule based on the rail line itself.

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