Ivolved Door Squaring Project

Door squaring ProjectHere’s a project I wouldn’t wish on many people. We had one doorway in the house that was really off with regards to being square.

We were really lucky when we bought that the house was really level and square … with the exception of the bathroom door. In talking over options to fix it, one of our friends even suggested we cut the door at an angle to match (option died at conception as far as we were concerned).

So, to solve the problem, I carefully removed the millwork are the two side that were off, used a reciprocating saw with a metal blade to cut through the nails of the millwork and door frame, and then lowered the right half of the frame to level.

Now, I just have to finish stripping the paint of the door frame, reinstall the millwork, and put the door back together (although … I’ll be refinishing the door while its off).

From the two photos below you’ll get a sense of just how much paint is on the woodwork (and how much detail is lost), and something I think is particularly special. on the back of on piece of millwork is KE (?) Bros. This was especialy fun for me to find. Our house was built by Kennedy Brothers, and it was kind of cool to see millwork marked for their use.
Door squaring Project
Door squaring Project



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