Senior Wellness Center on Georgia Avenue and Other Ward 1 Development News

The following email was distributed by Jim Graham today. While it is good news for Ward 1, I think the Senior Wellness Center on Georgia Avenue is of particular interest to Park View and the redevelopement of Georgia Avenue.

Graham’s email reads as follows:

Three important contract awards have been submitted for approval to the Council for Ward 1. We appreciate the strong action by Mayor Adrian Fenty and his team for moving these projects forward.

Champlain Street opening under Marie Reed School–$1.7 million

We all know the tragic crimes that have taken place in the forgotten space under Marie Reed Learning Center. This project will bring new life by opening up this dangerous dead-end street.

Construction is expected to begin very soon. The project will dramatically improve this area with an open roadway, new sidewalks, street lights, trees, a bicycle lane, and improved traffic flow.

I authored $1.9 million over the past two budget years to make this project happen. After extensive involvement from Marie Reed Learning Center, the ANC, and area residents and businesses, we have a great solution on its way.

I continue to work with the Department of Parks and Recreation and DCPS to bring additional building improvements along Champlain Street.

Senior Wellness Center on Georgia Avenue–$4.35 million

Ward 1 Seniors will finally have a center in their own community on Georgia Avenue. This has been a longstanding issue…I have been involved for years, and we have had some false starts where DC had to fire the contractor. Seniors rallied to save this project for its original Georgia Avenue location. This Senior Wellness Center, at 3531 Georgia Ave, will include health education, exercise programs, and a pleasant refuge during hot summer months. The construction team is expected to complete this project within one year.

New athletic/soccer fields at Bell/Lincoln Campus–$1.1 million

This project will bring badly needed athletic field improvements. The project reportedly will be complete before the new school year.

These contracts–absent adverse action by the Council which surely will not occur–will take effect on July 18.


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