Jim Graham Announces Financing of Park View CVS and Other Ward 1 News

proposed-park-view-cvsFrom and email sent by Jim Graham tonight:

This week the D.C. Council approved emergency bills I introduced to help two important projects on Georgia Avenue.

One bill authorizes District financing assistance for the development of a CVS Pharmacy at Georgia and New Hampshire Avenues. This CVS is a long time coming for the Park View and Petworth neighborhoods. It will be a convenient addition to the growing communities.

The other authorizes closing the alley between Georgia and Sherman Avenues on Lamont Street. It will be replaced with a wider, more functional alley.

This will help with the construction of a new multi-family residential building at Georgia Avenue and Lamont Street. The building will house 69 units, at least half of which will be affordable.

Both of these developments are walking distance from the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro station on the Green Line.


4 Responses to “Jim Graham Announces Financing of Park View CVS and Other Ward 1 News”

  1. Is the 69-unit project receiving any city financing or just the CVS?

  2. At this time I’m uncertain of what financing the 69-unit project might be receiving.

    Does anyone else know?

  3. RCChRD Res Says:

    It seems like there will be a bunch of wasted airspace above CVS. Bummer! I guesss the good news is that the the CVS won’t impact the amazing views that folks in the Donatelli building will have. The bad news is that well…its wasted space.

  4. The old building that was there was a four story building that had a Peoples Drug on the corner and apartments above. I think it was a much better use of space. That said, I think its ironic that CVS will be located where an old Peoples was.

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