Mosquitoe Control … Are There Any Tried and True Methods?

Don't Bite Me! PatchI’ve mentioned before that I really hate the Asian Tiger Mosquitoes that live near my house. What I really hate is how they are out all day, and how they always manage to get in the house.

To that end, I’m willing to try anything, including this Don’t Bite Me! Patch product that I read about in the Washington Post last year. It was supposed to repell mosquitoes for up to 36 hours, but needs to be applied 2 hours before exposure.

My initial trial didn’t work so well … or should I say, didn’t work as well as Off. I may want to give it another try … but I’m not sold yet.

So my question to you all is: What do you do to protect against mosquitoes?


3 Responses to “Mosquitoe Control … Are There Any Tried and True Methods?”

  1. DEET is scary stuff but it works. Barring that, long sleeves, long pants, and tall socks.

  2. Sadly, that’s what I’ve been reduced to … covering up as much as I can with clothes. I was hoping there was a better solution.

    As an aside, is there an effective way to rid a neighborhood of Asian Tigers?

  3. RCChRD Res Says:

    Try burning incense. It has worked in African societies for years. Whenever I garden or host parties in my backyard, I plant several sticks around the yard. It works like a charm. The upshot is that mosquitoes hate the smoke and the smell. The downshot is that you have to use lots of sticks and you can’t wander beyond teh smoke and smell…Another downshot is that, depending on the type of incense you use, the smell can be a bit overwhelming. Good luck.

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