Transom Restoration Project

Every time I start a project in the house it never ceases to amaze me what previous owners did to the poor girl. Upstairs the house has four transoms, and the first one is finally done and installed again. The image below shows it in the open position.Transom Restoration
You may get an idea from the transom on the right on how bad they were … but in case you can’t fully see it, let me describe their state when we moved in. Each of them were painted shut by several coats of paint. In addition to that, the transom I just removed had every gap caulked and painted. And if that isn’t bad enough, the transom above to the right is also nailed shut.

This is going to take a while.


4 Responses to “Transom Restoration Project”

  1. You and I have the same list of projects, pocket door, transoms… đŸ™‚

    I want to tackle this project soon. Seriously, why would you nail and paint a transom shut? What’s the point? My house is the same way!

    Looks like you did a good job!

  2. Thanks. I works really well now that the paint has been removed, sanding, and repainting. One thing that was really nice is that the brass hardware shined right up. I thought it was plated steel, but turned out it was solid brass.

  3. LibrariNerd Says:

    I thought the whole point of transoms was that they could open… geez!

  4. Bingo … that would be the idea behind a transom. To let in light AND air.

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