NPR Moving to 1111 N. Capitol

NPR moving to 1111 N. CapitolI was a little surprised to see a sign outside of 1111 N. Capitol over the weekend announcing that it was going to be the future site of NPR.

Until recently, the current building there was leased to the Smithsonian Institution for several functions not needed on the Mall, such as storage for unused furniture and obsolete electronics and overflow storage for seldom used library materials.

I’m unsure what “future site of … ” means, but hope it indicates a new building will occupy the site rather than a renovated structure.

Perhaps a reader can shed more light on this subject.1111 North Capitol


4 Responses to “NPR Moving to 1111 N. Capitol”

  1. For more ifnormation on this check out the DCMud post at:

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the links for all the background.

  3. Well, at least they are finally moving those obsolete items off of the storage places. I think they should be utilized in a better manner rather than simply being used for storage purposes only. There are many other more beneficial things that can be done there and I hope they will be put in place soon too. Thanks to the fellow commenters for the supporting links.

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