The Things You See … When Going to Open Houses

Poorly installed small sinkMy partner and I went to an open house yesterday that was a train wreck. All in all, it didn’t look too bad on the surface, but the more you allowed what you were seeing sink it, the worse it got.

One of the things that jumped out to me as a HUGE red flag was this little sink which was probably no more than 9″ x 12″. There were two of them, one in each condo of this former single family and store structure.

Poorly installed small sinkThe first bathroom that had this was a bit odd. This small sink is designed to be attached directly to the wall without any support from below. The stand that the builder decided to install is from a much larger sink set, and it forced them to get really creative in connecting the two pieces. It was filled in with … I don’t know what the gap was filled in with. It wasn’t porcelain like the basin or pedestal. It was some mystery product.

The second bathroom that had this basin at first appeared better, until I remembered that it is not a drop in basin. So as I looked around the counter top it looked like it was cut to fit the shape of the sink. Ok, wacky, but not completely horrible … until I looked underneath.

When I viewed underneath I quickly saw that the sink was not attached to the wall. It was not attached to anything. The only thing holding it up was the plumbing and the trap. There was also a lot of goop (mastic, mystery adhesive, who knows) just glopped on to keep the sink in place.

I gotta tell you. If a builder can’t handle getting a couple of sinks installed correctly, I really question everything else they’ve done and would not be comfortable living there. See images below.
Poorly installed small sink
Poorly installed small sink


3 Responses to “The Things You See … When Going to Open Houses”

  1. Yikes!

  2. So do you always measure sinks with a fresh Benjamin? I usually choose a tape measure – less theft and if I forget where I put it, much less anguish.

  3. @ Wayan … true, but sometimes you use what you have available. Didn’t have a tape measure handy.

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