Lost Washington: The Godey Lime Kilns

The Godey Lime Kilns were an important part of the mid-19th century commercial life of Georgetown. The kilns were operated to produce lime from 1864 to 1908. At the peak of operation, the kilns consisted of four oven structures and an assortment of sheds and structures scattered around them. Godey Lime Kilns

Godey Lime Kilns ca. 1938The entire business was situated on the edge of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. By the 1960s,t he remains of the Godey Lime Kilns were located amid the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, the Whitehurst Freeway, and highway and access ramps for K Street.

Only two of the original four ovens remain, and these two were half buried before the National Park Service and District of Columbia Highway Department combined efforts to stabilize them.

Below is how they look today (image from Wikipedia)


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