Park View UNC Meeting Tomorrow

Sorry for any confusion earlier today. The August Park View UNC newsletter was distributed, and I have a less that perfect version after the jump. Because I got an electronic version later than I should have (my error for not requesting sooner), I didn’t have time to clean it up.
That said, if you have the time and are interested in any of the topics listed, feel free to stop by the Park View Rec Center at 7 pm tomorrow.

Park View United Neighborhood Coalition (UNC)

August 2009 Community Newsletter



•    Park View UNC Meeting Wed Aug 5, 7pm, Park View Rec Center

•    July UNC Meeting Report

•    ANC 1A08 Report

•    Park View Rec Center Report

•    Community Information: New Murals, NH Ave Trees, Rock Creek Market, Upcoming Community Events



Next Park View UNC Meeting – Wed Aug 5,
7-8pm at the Park View Rec Center



Join us for our monthly meeting at the Park View Rec Center at Otis and Warder.


Rec center location on map to left



Our guest speaker for August will be Ted Trabue, Executive Director of the DC Economic Empowerment Coalition and Co-Founder of the Green Builders Council of DC. Ted will be sharing plans for the proposed development of three properties on Georgia Avenue (3632, 3630 and 3628, on the west side between Princeton & Otis). First to open would be a sports bar/media lounge. Longer-term plans include a television studio. The architect will bring drawings. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask questions and give feedback about development that impacts our community!


Other agenda items will include a report from the MPD and discussion of crime issues, an update on activities in the Rec Center, and other matters of interest to the Park View community.


We hope to see you there!


July UNC meeting report


  • Discussion of process to submit comments on development plans for Park Morton complex
  • Presentation by family owners of Rock Creek Market – scheduled to open in August
  • Update by Officer Christian Glynn, the officer assigned to Park View, on crime issues in the neighborhood, especially shooting incident in late June. Officer Glynn can be contacted at
  • Introduction of new Rec Center manager and discussion of activities at the Rec Center

ANC1A 08 Commissioners Report


The July meeting of ANC 1A kicked off at 7:00pm with the first presentation by Samantha Nolan, the head of DC’s neighborhood watch organization. She is trying to get every street in the city covered by a Neighborhood Watch block captain. Cecilia Jones, president of the North West Columbia Heights Neighborhood Association has agreed to help her with this goal. If you are interested in becoming a block captain in Park View please email Cecilia Jones at .


David Treadwell, the executive director of Central Union Mission provided an update with how they plan to proceed with the property they own at 3510 – 3512 Georgia Avenue . He said they plan to sell the property to a private developer who will build a mixed use development. The requirements that they will set for the developer are as follows: The ground floor of the development must be retail. The second floor will be used as office space for Central Union Mission, and will be operated as their headquarters. The second floor might include some rooms for counseling services, but will not contain any overnight or single room occupancy space for homeless men (the mission still plans to develop an overnight shelter at the Gales School downtown, or another building located closer to downtown). The remaining levels of the development will be for mixed income apartments ranging in price from affordable to market rate. The mission will not own this building – a private developer will – but they will be owner tenants of 1 floor. The mission hopes to have a deal locked in with a developer by the end of the year, as they need to be out of their current building located at 14th and R Sts., NW, by October, 2010.


The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to a presentation about “Performance Parking” (a method of adjusting parking rates based on demand to encourage visitors to use parking garages so residents have parking spots available), and general business related to Columbia Heights and ANC 1A.


ANC 1A does not meet in August, so the next meeting will be September 9th at 7:00pm. If you have any questions or concerns in Park View please contact your ANC Commissioner, Cliff Valenti, at


Rec Center Report


Thanks to the Department of Parks and Rec staff, the Columbia Heights/Shaw Family Support Collaborative, and the Latin American Youth Center, lots of new programs and classes are going on at the Rec. Know how to play the guitar? Teach a class at Park View Rec Center! If you would like to volunteer your time and services, please contact Jennifer Nguyen, Site Manager, by email at or by telephone at 202-475-5750. And please join the UNC’s Rec Center Committee at the next UNC meeting!


Park View Rec Center Schedule of Activities


Day Time Class Ages
Mon 5p-6p Cheerleading
Mon 6p-7p Men’s Group 12 & up
Mon 6:30p-7:30p Adult Dance Class 18 & up
Mon 7p-8p Video Club 13-19
Tues 5:30p-7:30p General Dance Class 5 & up
Tues 6p-9p Basketball League
Wed 6p-7:30p Women’s Group 12 & up
Wed 6p-9p Basketball League
Thurs 5:30p-7:30p General Dance Class 5 & up
Thurs 6p-9p Basketball League
Fri 5:30p-7p Bingo all
Fri 7p-9p Movie Night all
Sat 11a-1p Hip Hop Dance Class 5 & up
Sat 1p-3p Arts & Crafts 7 & up




8/27: clean up day with GWU volunteers, 10a-5p. Community members are welcome to join.



8/29: Columbia Heights Day — behind Harriet Tubman Elementary (Kenyon & 11th)


Please announce other community events at the meeting on Aug 5th!


New Murals in Progress at Park View

Recreation Center


If you’ve walked past the Park View Rec Center recently, you may have noticed that a new mural has begun to take shape on the south pool house wall and the mirroring wall of the Rec Center. This is the work of Juan Monarez and his team from the Latin American Youth Center.


Partnering with local youth, Juan and the team have composed two murals that will be largely composed of abstract landscapes containing words breaking forth from the soil. The words will be in English and Spanish and are meant to convey a spirit of unity and inspiration.


The expected completion date for the mural is mid-August.


Trees Need Neighborhood Involvement


You may have noticed the median construction along our western border of New Hampshire Avenue between Georgia and Sherman Avenues. This is in preparation of a tree-lined street. The first block of trees has already been planted. If you, or someone you know, have the time, desire, and means to help water the trees during the warmer months, please contact Cliff Valenti or Kent Boese at the Park View UNC meeting on Aug 5. Casey Trees relies on support from neighbors to keep the trees alive and healthy.


Rock Creek Market Update


While Park View residents were excited to meet the owners of the new Rock Creek Market at the July UNC meeting, it is disturbing that there has been another act of vandalism at the Market. The glass on the door and one of the windows was seriously damaged. This follows the graffiti incident that happened last month. The owners have expressed their appreciation for the support they have gotten from the local community but as you can imagine this is very discouraging for them. They will be adding more security measures to try and prevent this happening in the future. Officer Glynn, who is our local beat officer, did not have any updates but notes one positive sign from this unfortunate incident and that is so many people had flagged him down to tell him about the damage. To quote him “Neighborhoods that take such active concern in crime are the ones that progress to greater safety and quality of life”.


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