Streetcars in the City

The Washington Bisiness Journal came out with an article today, D.C. wants to revive streetcar plan, which starts out:

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty’s transportation director is trying to rejuvenate plans to return streetcars to the District by preparing to search for federal funding, seeking support among elected officials and forming a dedicated management team.

Streetcar tracks are being laid along South Capitol Street in Anacostia and H Street NE near Capitol Hill, for two pilot lines first planned under former Mayor Anthony Williams but long since delayed. Two years ago, Fenty’s former director of transportation planned for the Anacostia line to be up and running by 2009 with three cars the city had already purchased. Now officials are shooting for 2012. And D.C. still has not determined how to accommodate the ban on overhead wires in the areas governed by the L’Enfant Plan, including downtown and inner neighborhoods such as the H Street corridor.

Later in the article, it includes the text:

Simultaneously Klein, the founder and former CEO of the On the Fly food service, is trying to bolster support for a much larger network of lines along some of the city’s heavily trafficked corridors, such as K Street and Georgia Avenue NW and 8th and M streets SE.

It will be interesting to watch how this issue develops.


One Response to “Streetcars in the City”

  1. Streetcars were the transportation of choice when I came to Washington in 1957. Buses were hot, smelly and slow, but streetcars went everywhere and were fast. I used to wait at that nice clean stop under Dupont Circle. The problem was that when one car broke down none behind it could proceed. We did a lot of walking.

    People now don’t remember that, and THE CITY IS BUYING THE CARS FROM ABROAD, when Americans make the best in the world. Have you seen the electrical fires that break out inside the Itallian-made Metro trains’ walls? Do American engineers and auto workers need jobs?

    I loved the old streetcars, and I would like to see them again, but please, DC, buy American and get good quality (even if walking really is healthy!).

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