This Date in History

August 7, 1925: With a simple, impressive ceremony local Sons of the Revolution observed the 182nd anniversary of the birth of Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene with the placement of a wreath on his statue in Stanton park. Maj. Gen. John L. Hines, deputy chief of staff, laid the wreath in the name of the order.

Nathaniel Greene ceremonies


One Response to “This Date in History”

  1. I was born at Sibley Hospital in 1945 and first lived at 624 “B” St NE (now Consitution Ave) and my grandmother lived between 3rd and 4th on Maryland Ave NE. As a kid, I used to play at Stanton Park. What I wonder is, Why is General Greene’s statue in the center and not Edwin Stanton, who was Lincoln’s Secretary of War, so the park was originally named for?

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