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Then and Now: Selling Gas at Florida Ave & P Street, NE

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Florida Ave. & P Street, NE, 1929BP at Florida & P St, NE, 2009

Then and Now: The corner of Florida and P has been providing gas for automobiles for over 80 years. The photo on the left was taken in 1929 when the Penn Oil Company was doing business there. Today the corner is operated by BP.


This Date in History

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May 21, 1932: What was probably the largest individual superservice gasoline station in Washington at the time opened under the name of Rock Creek Service Center, at Georgia avenue and Peabody streets northwest.

Then and Now: Minute Service Station No. 2

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minute-service-station-no-2-georgia-aveThen:  Circa 1923, the new gasoline and accessories station at the intersection of Georgia and Kansas avenues and Upshur street, NW. The station is flanked on the east by Georgia avenue, on the west by Kansas avenue and north by Upshur street, making it one of the most accessible filling stations in the Capital. In the center of the large triangular tract is an attractive building of stucco and brick with tiled roof and canopies extending over the wide driveways.This photo and subsequent posts has previously appeared on Shorpy.

Shell at Georgia Ave & UpshurNow: Still a gas station but now a Shell. Clearly, this is an example where progress was anything but. The station and bays do not fit the trapezoidal lot as well as the original structure.

Drug Bust @ Georgia Avenue BP Station

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bp-stationI learned at my local UNC meeting last night that last Saturday, March 28th, MPD arrested two individuals and confiscated money, drugs, and drug paraphernalia at the BP Station on the southwest corner of Park Rd & Georgia Ave, NW. From what I learned, drugs were being dealt directly out of the station. Considering that this station is a half block away from the Third District Substation, also on Park Road, I find this quite audacious.

Then and Now: Esso Station in Shaw

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sullivan-helan-essoThen: The Esso station at the northwest corner of Rhode Island Ave. and 6th Street, NW, photographed sometime in the 1920s (Library of Congress, #npcc 33542)

former Sullivan & Helan EssoNow: Most of the structure is still there, as are the houses, but the property is fenced and closed. It would be great if the property could be restored.

Lost Washington

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This is a great image of a neighborhood long gone. The S. & M. Garage was at 1321 L Street, NW. Nothing on this part of L Street remains from when this photograph was snapped, which I’m judging to be ca. 1925. (Image courtesy Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs collection, image #thc 5a43596)S & M Garage

Our Lady of Exxon

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Rosslyn Methodist TempleThis is one of the most interesting mixed-use buildings I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know hardly anything about its history, but figured since Arlington was part of the District at one time, it belongs here.

Here’s the kicker. The upper portion of the building is a church, and the lower portion is a gas station.

Chevron at Methodist ChurchIts a Methodist church, not Catholic, and its currently a Chevron station, not an Exxon, but I’ve frequently heard it referred to as Our Lady of Exxon. 

They both function rather well in the space, but I can’t imagine what would have induced someone to even propose such a marriage.

Its right off the Rosslyn Metro stop at the corner of Nash and Fort Myer Drive, if you ever get an urge to see it in person.