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Tree Watering Planned for Saturday

Posted in City Services, Plants & Gardening with tags , , on August 5, 2009 by Kent

New Hampshire treesPitching in to help care for the new trees on New Hampshire Ave near the intersection of Georgia Ave. has been tough.

The trees southwest of Georgia Avenue have been in particular need.

To that end, there has been a call for All Hands on Deck this Saturday at 7:00 am to water this section. If you have the time and ability, gather at the sculpture at the Metro station. The more the better.

The watering will be done with buckets — the water being supplied by Donatelli from the new construction across the street.

Georgia Ave. Post Office on List of Proposed Closures

Posted in City Services with tags , , , on August 4, 2009 by Kent

Council member Jim Graham posted the following message to the Georgia Avenue listserv today. While I don’t necessarily like the current post office, it is critical to the neighborhood that we have a place to conduct our business. Perhaps the low usage at the Georgia Avenue station is in part due to the fact that it opens late and closes early on week days, giving many residents Saturday as the only real time they can use the station.

Graham’s message is below:

This morning I received a media call indicating that USPS was considering closing Georgia Ave P.O. at Georgia and Morton. It has been named “Columbia Heights” since USPS closed the former location–on the 1400 block of Irving– in the 1990s and relocated it.

We need a new post office back at 14th and Irving, and we also need to keep the post office on Georgia at Morton. The large number of elderly, alone, along the 14th St and Ga Ave corridors justify these actions! In addition, with its new residential and retail, 14th and Irving is vastly changed since a decade ago.

Please express your views on this to our Congresswoman, Eleanor Holmes Norton, by going to her website and sending an email. Click this link or copy and paste it into your internet browser’s address bar:

Pepco Working on Northern Park Place

Posted in City Services, Park View with tags , , , on July 28, 2009 by Kent

Pepco parking restriction signPepco started work on Park Place yesterday between Quebec Place and Rock Creek Church Road. Based on the signs, they estimate the work to require about a month.

The work they are preforming is to supply a heavy up to the property on the southwest corner of Park Place and Rock Creek Church Road. The work will not impact Rock Creek Church Road.

The work will impact parking during the day, especially during alternate side enforcement on Thursdays and Fridays. Let’s hope work progresses smoothly.Pepco equipementPepco team cutting concrete

Asphalt Alley Paving Narrowly Averted

Posted in City Services, D.C. Government, Park View with tags , , , on July 23, 2009 by Kent

No ParkingYesterday I mistakenly thought the No Parking signs posted in the alley of the 600 block of Quebec Place/Rock Creek Church Rd was for the heavy up Pepco is preparing for around the corner.

In fact, it was DDOT’s intention to pave the alley in asphalt. Fortunately, several of the neighbors were home and quickly put a stop to it. It isn’t that the neighbors don’t want the alley repaired, but it is an old brick alley and was supposed to be restored as a brick alley.

Last year the 700 block of Quebec Place/Princeton Place was restored as a brick alley. This year, the city is using the excuse that there isn’t enough money to stick to the original plan.

As it stands now, no work will be done to fix the alley in the immediate future. Mayor Fenty clarified this morning that brick alleys would be repaved with brick, and non-brick alleys would be repaved in non-brick materials (asphalt).
alley needing repair

Looks Like Pepco Heavy Up Work to Start

Posted in City Services, Park View with tags , on July 22, 2009 by Kent

No ParkingInitially, I was excited back in May because it looked like we were finally going to get our heavy up from Pepco. Well, it looks like I was being overly optimistic at that time.

But this time, I think I can raise my hopes again. Yesterday, the water, gas, and power was marked from the alley on the 600 block of Quebec …  east to Park Place … and north to Rock Creek Church Road. Based on the no parking signs in the alley, work could start today.

Its my understanding that the work will follow the path described above ending at the corner of Rock Creek Church and Park Place.Markings for gas lines

New Hampshire Median Work Expands

Posted in City Services, Columbia Heights, Park View with tags , , , on July 6, 2009 by Kent

I was very relieved to see that the installations of medians on New Hampshire Ave. wasn’t going to only be between Georgia Ave. and Grant Circle. About a week ago they started to do the work below, which is between Georgia Ave. and Sherman Ave.

What I like about it so much is that there won’t be a gap between the streetscaping they are planning to do on Sherman and Georgia Aves. Also, who wouldn’t like some hot pavement replaced by grass and trees. They add so much to a neighborhood.
New Hampshire Ave Median work

It Doesn’t Pay to Fight the City

Posted in City Services, Park View with tags , , , , on July 2, 2009 by Kent

New no parking on Thursday signBack on May 18th I posted my frustration that the street sweeper had come along and due to operator error, issued me a ticket. Well, as is typical me, I pointed the error out to the Director of DPW, William Howland. He assured me that I was correct and that I should just be patient because an administrative void had been entered into the system.

Well, after being patient and waiting over 4 weeks, not to mention getting a notice in the mail letting me know that my ticket was now $60 rather than the initial $30 because it was over 30 days, I threw my hands in the air and wrote a formal letter denying the ticket. Exactly what I didn’t want to do on a regular basis.

Well, I guess DPW showed me. Tuesday they came out and posted no parking signs for Thursday street cleaning days. There was never a need or problem prior to the new street sweeper cameras. Apparently, its just easier to install signs rather than train sweeper operators.

Well, on the bright side, the situation couldn’t be clearer now, and I know where I can and can’t park on Thursday mornings.

As a side note, I wonder just how official the work order for this stretch of road was, considering that it wasn’t on any of the printed sheets, but rather hand written on the back of one of them (Gents, you might not want to leave the paperwork behind next time).
DPW Work order
DPW work order?