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Capitol Hill Real Estate, 1909

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Kennedy & Davis N. Carolina

1948 Oldsmobile Coupe

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1948 Oldsmobile CoupeI found this vintage gem on Capitol Hill over the weekend. While it could use some loving care, it all appeared original and that counts for a lot. I think it has some really great lines as well.

I also found the great ad below from a basic Web search (sorry I couldn’t get a larger image)More images after the jump Continue reading

Capitol Hill Real Estate, 1907

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638-40-42 South Carolina Ave.

The Things You See … When Going to Open Houses

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Poorly installed small sinkMy partner and I went to an open house yesterday that was a train wreck. All in all, it didn’t look too bad on the surface, but the more you allowed what you were seeing sink it, the worse it got.

One of the things that jumped out to me as a HUGE red flag was this little sink which was probably no more than 9″ x 12″. There were two of them, one in each condo of this former single family and store structure.

Poorly installed small sinkThe first bathroom that had this was a bit odd. This small sink is designed to be attached directly to the wall without any support from below. The stand that the builder decided to install is from a much larger sink set, and it forced them to get really creative in connecting the two pieces. It was filled in with … I don’t know what the gap was filled in with. It wasn’t porcelain like the basin or pedestal. It was some mystery product.

The second bathroom that had this basin at first appeared better, until I remembered that it is not a drop in basin. So as I looked around the counter top it looked like it was cut to fit the shape of the sink. Ok, wacky, but not completely horrible … until I looked underneath.

When I viewed underneath I quickly saw that the sink was not attached to the wall. It was not attached to anything. The only thing holding it up was the plumbing and the trap. There was also a lot of goop (mastic, mystery adhesive, who knows) just glopped on to keep the sink in place.

I gotta tell you. If a builder can’t handle getting a couple of sinks installed correctly, I really question everything else they’ve done and would not be comfortable living there. See images below.
Poorly installed small sink
Poorly installed small sink

This Date in History

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June 28, 1863: Construction of the unfinished capitol was continuing. Though the Civil War was raging, Lincoln insisted that construction not stop, seeing it as a symbol that the Union would be preserved. This photograph was taken on this date 146 years ago.United States Capitol under construction, 1863

Eastern Market Reopening This Friday

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Eastern Market InteriorEastern Market is set to reopen this week after the devastation fire that closed it on April 30, 2007. The renovations cost $22 million.

I like that they paid particular attention to historical details great and small … such as choosing a dark salmon pink for the interior that was the same color that was used when the building first opened in 1873.

The Washingtonian has a great article on the process Eastern Market went through during the renovation, including a lot of photos of the interior, which you can read/see here>>

Then and Now: The Haines Building

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Haines Building ca. 1920Then: Built in 1882 by Elizabeth A. Haines as a department store, in the 1920s the most prominent business in the building was the Hachman Furniture Company.

Haines BuildingNow: The building’s been painted and the roof line has changed to accommodate another floor. Yet, the most significant changes have been with the tenants. Furniture was sold here for more than 30 years. Now its draw is Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins, which took the space when Foot Locker moved out.

Eastern Market Coming Along

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Eastern MarketI visited Eastern Market over the weekend, and I got to say, its really coming along. The colors are great … the windows being trimmed out in a pine green and the other trim being a sand color. You can get some idea from the image of the window here.

Another detail I liked was the new lighting. Not so much because its a style I like, but because its different than a lot of the lighting in the city. It also reminded me of the original streetlights you see in pictures of Park View taken in the 1920s. I also took the opportunity to peek inside, and it was a lot futher a long than I thought it would be.

Eastern Market
Eastern Market Interior

DDOT Completes Phase One of Eastern Market Streetscape Work

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According to the DDOT announcement I received below, 7th Street will reopen on Monday. From the photo below, it looks great. The pavers were a great choice.

Here’s the DDOT release:

7th Street, SE to Reopen on Schedule

Phase Two to Begin on Monday, June 1

(Washington, D.C.) – The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) completed phase one of the Eastern Market streetscape work on schedule. DDOT committed to finishing phase one by early June.  Work began in early March and DDOT closed 7th Street SE from North Carolina to C Street to help expedite the construction.  The road will be reopened on Monday, June 1.

“Closing the street was a key factor in completing the project on time,” said DDOT Director Gabe Klein. “We want to extend our appreciation to the community, residents, and businesses for their patience during the construction.  The end result befits such an important historic icon as Eastern Market.”

The new streetscape included total removal and upgrade of the existing roadway and bed, installation of new Colonial cobblestones, stamped concrete at crosswalks, brick sidewalks, granite curbing, new lighting and utility upgrades.

Phase two (7th Street, SE from C Street to Pennsylvania Avenue) will begin on Monday, June 1 and is scheduled for completion by September 30, 2009, weather permitting.  During phase two only one half of the roadway will be closed. Two-way traffic will be maintained with one lane in each direction during weekdays.  There will be no work conducted on the weekends.

The remaining work consists of furnishing and installing a new 8-inch water main with service connections to the adjacent properties, installing new curb and gutter or resetting historic blue curb stone, new molded brick sidewalks, new historic globe and tear drop street lights, and ADA compliant ramps.

To accommodate weekday 7th Street customer needs, new public parking is available at the Hine School lot between Pennsylvania Avenue, SE and C Street, SE from 6 am to 7 pm. This parking will not be available on weekends.Eastern Market Streetscape

Eastern Market Scheduled to Reopen June 26

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Eastern MarketLast Thursday, as reported in the Post, Mayor Fenty announced that the newly renovated Eastern Market will reopen with a ceremony June 26 followed the next day by a community celebration.

This is great news indeed. While the temporary space functioned and allowed the folks to remain in business during construction, it just wasn’t the same.

What remains to be seen is whether or not 7th Street will continue to be closed duing weekend activities. The community has been debating this issue of late since there has been possitive response to its inclusion in retail space during the reconstruction process.