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Then and Now: 477 H Street, NW

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International Exchange BankThen: The International Exhange Bank ca. 1920.
Blinded Veterans AssociationNow: Home to the Blinded Veterans Association.
Below is another image of the bank ca. 1920.
International Exchange Bank 2


Then and Now: Surratt Boarding House

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surratt-boarding-houseThen: Though photographed ca. 1900, the house (left) wasn’t much different from when Mary Surratt ran a boarding house at 604 H. Street, NW. She became connected to the Lincoln Assassination because she rented rooms to John Wilkes Booth and his conspirators prior to the attack on President Lincoln.

Surratt Boarding House todayNow: The main entrances have been moved to the ground level rather than the second. While largely intact, there is not much of historical significance beyond the shell and the address. Currently, both the Surratt house and the structure to the west of it have Chinese food services on the ground floor.

Chinatown/Penn Quarter Getting Multi-Space Meters

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multi-space-meterAccording to a DDOT press release that was issued late yesterday, DDOT place to install 101 multi-space meters in the Verizon Center/Theatre District area of town. These meters will replace 845 single and double space meters currently in use. The new meters should help ease the pain drivers have been experiencing with not having enough change to meet the new parking fees that just went into effect.

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Limits of Tyrants …

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Here’s another protest-like poster that attracted me. This one on the northeast corner of H and 7th Streets, NW. tyrany

Surratt Boarding House

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surratt-boarding-houseThe structure at 604 H Street, NW, is perhaps most famous for the people associated with it rather than the building itself.

In 1862, Mary Surratt operated a boarding house in this building. John Wilkes Booth and conspirators stayed at the boarding house prior to the assassination of President Lincoln, and on their flight from the theater they stopped by Mrs. Surratt’s Maryland house to pick up arms and ammunition.

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Matchbox … What a Nice Lazy Sunday Nosh

Posted in Chinatown, Food, Penn Quarter, Restaurants on March 13, 2009 by Kent

matchboxLast Sunday, after going to the antique show at the convention center, we were able to grab a bite at the Matchbox located at 713 H Street. Once we got in, it was very pleasant and the food was as good as always. I also liked that we weren’t rushed.

My only beef with Matchbox is how long you have to wait. I really think that there needs to be a way to make reservations. What was worse for us, is that we thought we were lucky to only have a 10 min. wait, only to find out 23 min. later that the kitchen was backed up and they’d stopped seating people.

Matchbox interiorThe funniest thing about Matchbox for me is that the first time I ate at one was when they’d just opened up store #2 in Palm Springs. I swear it was no later than their second week. The food was great and there was no wait.

I’m happy to report that the food has never disappointed me, and whether you are in Palm Springs, at H Street, or Capital Hill, if you have the time, you will be glad you did.

Go to their website to find out more here>>

7th Street, NW ca. 1870

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Here’s a photo that shows how the area just north of the American Art/Portrait Gallery has really changed in roughly 125 years. The only building that is still there and easily recognizable is the Calvary Baptist Church at 8th and H Street.7th-street-ca-1870