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“Grand Design” for Pennsylvania Avenue (1965)

Posted in Federal Triangle, Penn Quarter, Unrealized Dreams on May 10, 2009 by Kent

Pennsylvania Avenue PlanIn the grand scheme of things, 44 years isn’t that long ago. That’s when this model of Pennsylvania Ave and its surrounding areas was constructed (Courtesy Smithsonian Institution). Much of the Federal Triangle had already been built, but as you can see, there were still plans to raze the Old Post Office.

Pennsylvania Ave., on the otherhand, was to be completely razed and replaced by sterile modern buildings, as referred to in the September 16, 1965 Congressional Record (within the discussion on selecting a site for the Kennedy Center).Pennsylvania Avenue Plan text


Study the Past

Posted in Federal Triangle, Sculpture on May 5, 2009 by Kent

I used to walk past this sculpture everyday on my way to work. Its in front of the National Archives on the Pennsylvania side if you don’t recognize it. Now, I get to walk past a whole new grouping of art everyday.

Several years ago they did a nice job cleaning it and its companion sculptures up. They had turned rather dark gray with dirt and organic matter that had started to live there.

I’m not sure what the material is, but I’m thinking it might be granite. Study the Past

Then and Now: 1400 Block of Pennsylvania, NW

Posted in Federal Triangle, Then and Now on May 4, 2009 by Kent

food-administration-parade-wash-dc-ca-1918Then: The south side of the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Ave, ca 1918, captured during a Food Administration Parade. The banner in front of Poli’s Theater reads: “Food Will Win the War”.

1400 block of Pennsylvania, south side, 2009Now: The south side of the 14oo block has been completely razed and is a park today. The only recognizable buildings to have survived are the District Building and the Old Post Office.

Another Stikman Captured

Posted in Federal Triangle, Mall (The), Street Art with tags , , on May 1, 2009 by Kent

Stikman, 9th and ConstitutionI first noticed Stikman back on February 2oth, at the intersection of 17th and I.  On March 6th, I saw another one at 17th and Pennsylvania.  The one to the right is at the intersection of 9th and Constitution. Its nice to know I’m neither the only one who’s noticed them, nor the only one that is fascinated by them.

A reader brought an article to my attention from last September, in which the writer Stephan Lowman also got on the trail of Stickman, the apparent creation of a gorilla street artist that distributes him around the country. In the District, there may be as many as 150 of them scattered around.

So, having found three of them so far, I clearly have my work cut out for me. Fortunately, each time is see one, it brings a smile to my face and puts a little pep in my walk.

Nice WPA Relief

Posted in Federal Triangle, Government Buildings, Sculpture on March 10, 2009 by Kent

I like that when you explore part of the city looking for one thing, you often trip over something else. This relief sculpture is above the door of the Federal Trade Commission building at the northwest corner.Federal Trade Commission relief sculpture