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Then and Now: Selling Gas at Florida Ave & P Street, NE

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Florida Ave. & P Street, NE, 1929BP at Florida & P St, NE, 2009

Then and Now: The corner of Florida and P has been providing gas for automobiles for over 80 years. The photo on the left was taken in 1929 when the Penn Oil Company was doing business there. Today the corner is operated by BP.


Architectural Details on Mitchell Gold Building

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Architectural details on 1520 14th StreetI’ve commented on the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams building before, located at 1520 14th Street. But I wanted to point out some details that I really like.

The first is the Egyptian inspired decoration on the exterior, which I find interesting for a former automobile dealership. This would definitely date the building to sometime after 1922 when the discovery by Howard Carter of Tutankhamun’s tomb received worldwide press coverage and sparked a renewed public interest in ancient Egypt.
Architectural details on 1520 14th Street

The other detail I really like is the poured concrete ceiling on the interior.
Architectural details on 1520 14th Street

There is a lot of nice detail there … so next time you’re in the area or happen to go in you might want to enjoy the building as well as the furniture.l

Then and Now: the Congressional Club

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CONGRESSIONAL CLUBThen: A 1914 architectural drawing of the Congressional Club, located on the northeast corner of New Hampshire Avenue and U Street, NW.

Congressional ClubNow: Founded in 1908, the original purpose of The Congressional Club was to provide a non-partisan setting for friendships among the spouses of members of the House and Senate in Washington, D.C. Although the scope of the Club and the breadth of its activities have increased over the years, its purpose remains the same.

2014 15th Street NW is a Head Turner

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2014 15thI haven’t reviewed a property in a while, mostly because there isn’t much that excites me these days, I haven’t been to an open house in a while, and there is nothing really on the market in my neighborhood that hasn’t been there for several months.

That said, I think this new listing is worth a look. Personally, I think the listing price of $1,199,000 is a good value. I’m basing that on similar properties in Columbia Heights that have sold for $999,000 in the last six months that are not as clean or fixed up as this one is. Its ready to go. It has four three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a nice deck, back yard, two off street parking spaces, and is just a half block north of U on 15th street.

When you consider that it is move in ready and has a legally rentable basement, it becomes a better value.

Look at the listing here (MLS DC7105692) which includes a virtual tour. Whether you agree with me or not, I’ll be shocked if this is on the market for long.


Then and Now: 14th & P Streets, NW

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Trew Motor companyThen: The Trew Motor Co ca. 1920, located on the northeast corner of 14th and P Streets, NW.

Studio theatreNow: The Studio Theatre.

Lost Washington: The Broadway Theater

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The Broadway Theater, once located at 1517 7th Street, NW, was built at a cost of $40,000 in 1921. It was built of brick and terra cotta with a Spanish tile roof. The building measured nearly 70 feet wide on 7th Street by 100 feet deep and was designed by the firm of Milburn, Heister & Co.Broadway Theatre

Then and Now: The O Street Market

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Northern MarketThen: The Northern Market, aka the O Street Market, photographed in August, 1959 (Image from Historical Society of Washington, DC, #PR 0011B).

Northern Market aka O Street MarketNow: A shell of its former self since its roof collapsed in 2003.

Located on the northwest corner of 7th and O Streets, NW, the Northern Market dates to 1881, when a group of displaced vendors selected the land after Boss Shepherd demolished the original Northern Liberties Market in 1872.

By July 21, 1881, the market — which ran 192 feet on 7th street and 90 feet along O Street — had foundations laid and the walls five feet above the ground. The building was scheduled to be ready for rafters and roofing by August 1. When completed, the market was estimated to cost $19,200 with land costing $23,000. Land values in the immediate area began to rise as the new market was being constructed.

Serving the community solidly from the time of its opening, it gradually fell into disrepair. Seemingly without major structural problems, the building was emptied of tenants several months prior to construction in anticipation of its transformation into an upscale shopping center when the unthinkable happened.

Following a weekend blizzard, the roof gave way under the weight of snow on February 18, 2003. On the brink of a major renovation, the company leading that renovation was confident that work on the building would continue. Despite this, the hollow shell of the market still sits in limbo, with development hinging on financing. Facing yet another hurdle, last week the O Street Market was among listed projects with approved funding that may have funds diverted to finance the new Convention Hotel planned for the city.