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This Date in History

Posted in April, Presidents on April 15, 2011 by Kent

April 15, 1865: President Abraham Lincoln dies, several hours after being shot at Ford’s Theatre by John Wilkes Booth. Andrew Johnson becomes the nation’s 17th president.Death of President Lincoln: At Washington, D.C. April 15th 1865. The Nation's Martyr


This Date in History

Posted in April, Presidents on April 2, 2011 by Kent

April 2, 1917: President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress to declare war against Germany, saying, “The world must be made safe for democracy.”wilson-before-congress

Fenty’s Summer Youth Gone Astray

Posted in D.C. Government, Park View with tags , on August 6, 2009 by Kent

Summer Youth program damageMayor Fenty’s Summer Youth Jobs Program strikes again. Yesterday, at the corner of Park Place and Princeton Place, NW, for no apparent reason, youth in the program cut down a crepe myrtle that was healthy and thriving in the area next to the road. That youth in the mayor’s job program are responsible is based on eye witness accounts.

This was one of two crepe myrtles that had been in this location. The other one had been snapped off at the base sometime last week, perhaps also by the same individuals.

Had the youth mistaken them for wild brush needing to be cleared, it would have been reasonable to presume that the severed branches would have been removed. As it is, its nothing short of vandalism.Summer Youth program damage

Taxi Fare Cap Lifted and Engine Company 10 Featured on NPR

Posted in D.C. Government, Fire Stations, Trinidad with tags , on August 4, 2009 by Kent

A couple of items that peaked my intereste yesterday were the announcement that the D.C. Council has lifted a $19 cap on taxicab rides that start and end in the District and the feature on Fire House 10 on NPR.

According to WJLA, the cap was intended to protect residents east of the Anacostia River because of the distance Taxis would have to travel, but available information indicates that the $19 limit is rarely ever reached. Jim Graham, ever in the thick of it, was credited with calling the cap “artificial, arbitrary and unfair.”

NPR’s story, House of Pain: The Busiest Fire Station in D.C., features Engine Company 10 in the Trinidad neighborhood. Despite it responding to about 6,500 calls a year, it is the station that many of the city’s fire fighters hope to get the opportunity to work at.

You can visit the Station’s Website to learn more about the amazing job these folks do.

Asphalt Alley Paving Narrowly Averted

Posted in City Services, D.C. Government, Park View with tags , , , on July 23, 2009 by Kent

No ParkingYesterday I mistakenly thought the No Parking signs posted in the alley of the 600 block of Quebec Place/Rock Creek Church Rd was for the heavy up Pepco is preparing for around the corner.

In fact, it was DDOT’s intention to pave the alley in asphalt. Fortunately, several of the neighbors were home and quickly put a stop to it. It isn’t that the neighbors don’t want the alley repaired, but it is an old brick alley and was supposed to be restored as a brick alley.

Last year the 700 block of Quebec Place/Princeton Place was restored as a brick alley. This year, the city is using the excuse that there isn’t enough money to stick to the original plan.

As it stands now, no work will be done to fix the alley in the immediate future. Mayor Fenty clarified this morning that brick alleys would be repaved with brick, and non-brick alleys would be repaved in non-brick materials (asphalt).
alley needing repair

This Date in History

Posted in July, People with tags , , on July 23, 2009 by Kent

July 23, 1925: Dismissal of Dr. Paul Bartsch, curator of the National museum, from the faculty of George Washington university, was sought by two members of the alumni for the scientist’s reference to William Jennings Bryan at a Lions club dinner. Referring to Bryan, Bartsch was quoted as saying, “it is indeed distressing that so flagrant a violation of the truth should have been passed unchallenged at the time.” On Bryan’s views of evolution, Bartsch continued, “Bryan is an ignorant, narrow minded, conceited bigot, who has set himself up as an authority in both religion and science … evolution can be seen in everything.”Paul Bartsch

Lincoln’s Cottage on NPR’s Morning Edition

Posted in Park View, Petworth, Presidents with tags , , on July 20, 2009 by Kent

NPR’s Morning Edition had a story on President Lincoln and the Lincoln Cottage this morning. You can read or listen to the segment here>>

While this historic site and the Soldiers’ Home where it is located is presently located between North Capitol Street and the neighborhoods of Petworth and Park View, it is hard to imagine that during Lincoln’s time the entire area was wilderness.