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July 31, 1911: A hearing began before the pure food experts of the Department of Agriculture, which was designed to give a legal reply to the question, “What is beer?” It was the purpose of the Government to bring beer and like beverages within the scope of the pure food and drug act of 1906.
Heurich's Beers Insures Cleanliness


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July 30, 1911: Aviator Eugene B. Ely, who startled the world in November, 1910, by flying a Curtiss biplane from the shore at Hampton Roads to the deck of the cruiser Birmingham, and later by duplicating the feat on the battleship Pennsylvania at San Francisco, treated the visitors at College Park to one of the most sensational bits of aeroplaning they had seen in the afternoon.Eubene B. Ely

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July 29, 1922: According to an announcement made by the office of D. J. Dunigan, three groups of houses at Grant Circle on Varnum and Fourth streets had been completed. The homes were of brick construction, contained six and eight rooms, and had all the newest conveniences. The moderately priced homes were on deep lots, with some even having large brick garages in the rear.

Mr. Dunigan also stated that approximately 200 dwellings would be erected in this addition to Petworth. The tract covered six city blosck, with fifteen frontages. The boundaries of the development were Rock Creek Church Road to the east, Webster Street on the north, Grant Circle on the west, and Upshur Street to the south. Southwest corner of Varnum and 4th Streets

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July 28, 1909: The Washington Post reported that Members of Congress from all parts of the Union were taking much interest in a proposal to return to the District of Columbia the 30 square miles of territory, originally part of the District, which were given back to the State of Virginia by Congress in 1846.

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July 31, 1905: John Cammack, of 3553 Brightwood avenue, reported $1,650 missing, a loss that puzzled the police. Mr. Cammack insisted that the money was stolen from his pockets, but the police were of the opinion the money was lost. Mr. Cammack had gone to the Riggs Bank about noon and drawn out $2,270 prior to the loss (Brightwood avenue would later be renamed Georgia avenue, the the Cammack estate eventually became the northern third of Park View)

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July 26, 1910: About 200 Washingtonians and several florists from Baltimore took advantage of the fourth annual outing of the Florists’ Club of Washington at Great Falls to spend the afternoon and evening in the country.
Great Falls
(Image courtesy DC Public Library Commons)

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July 25, 1932: It was announcement that Hotel Annapolis Bus Terminal, Inc., a Delaware corporation, of which F.J. Scarr is president, is buying the 11-story Annapolis Hotel, at 1111 H street northwest, and operate a bus terminal in connection with it.Hotel Annapolis 1951