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Person Struck by Train at Forest Glen Station, Metro Reports

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U Street Metro StationAccording to a Metro Alert, Metro officials and emergency personnel are responding to the Forest Glen Metrorail station on the Red Line, where a person reportedly has been struck by an eight-car train headed in the direction of Shady Grove Metrorail station. The incident took place at 4:10 p.m.

Trains are single-tracking, or taking turns sharing one track between the Forest Glen and Silver Spring Metrorail stations.

Red Line Riders can expect significant delays along the line, especially in the area of the incident. Delays are expected to be 30 minutes or more.


Fenty: 4 Killed in Deadliest Crash in Metro History; Rescues Still Underway|ABC 7 News

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Fenty: 4 Killed in Deadliest Crash in Metro History; Rescues Still Underway|ABC 7 News

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In additions to the link above, the Washington Post has the following:

Two Red Line Metrorail trains collided this evening between the Fort Totten and Takoma stations, killing at least four people and injuring scores of passengers in what authorities called the transit system’s deadliest crash ever. The trains struck with such force that part of one vaulted on top of the other. Read the entire article, including maps and images, here>>

Reloading SmarTrip Cards @ CVS, Giant Soon … How Cool is That?

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metro-mapI read in yesterdays Express that you can now add value to your SmarTrip card at many CVS stores, and that Giant hopes to have the same service available soon in at least 50 locations (Post column here).

What can I say, except THANK YOU!!!!

I know it shouldn’t be a hassle to get the card recharged, but I dread it. In general, they only time I’m near a machine that will do it is when I’m among the herd that just got off a train, or waiting with a herd for the next train. Add tourists into the mix of folks who are trying to use a vending machine, and the lines can be horrid.

Knowing that will soon no longer need to go anywhere near Metro to add value to my card is a Godsend.

DDOT/Metro … We Have a Problem

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Petworth leak 3I discovered when I arrived at the Georgia Ave./Petworth Metro this morning that the sudden downpour this morning flooded, of all things, the Metro station. Nearly the entire length of the platform was flooded.

Tracing the water down the platform, I quickly learned that the leak was coming from above.

Petworth leakI think its logical to presume that the median work on New Hampshire Avenue has compromised the integrity of the Metro station, and that there will continue to be water during showers until this is addressed.

I know the community has been concerned that the median work has not gone deep enough to support the planned trees … but guess what, that may not be an option. Ultimately, the neighborhood may have to accept smaller plantings. We’ll see.

The cause was likely a clogged storm drain or ventilator shaft, which is much better than my initially assumption which showed my complete ignorance of the construction details of this station. This is one instance where I’m am thrilled to have been wrong.petworth leak blurry

Added Security at Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro

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Security in MetroIt seemed surreal Wednesday when I entered the Metro system and Georgia Ave/Petworth and was greeted by what I considered to be a large police/security prescience in the station. The contingent included a dog, and the team with the canine walked the length of the entire platform, checking out every area.

Punk on the Metro

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Not every day on Metro is an adventure for me … THANK GOD!!! Unfortunately, today wasn’t one of those boring, I won’t remember it a week from now kind of days.

My first leg of Metro each day is Petworth to Gallery Place. Right off the bat, a youth … a student from Lincoln Middle School in Columbia Heights … is on the platform with a friend of his, also a student.

This punk decided it would be funny to sit on the edge of the platform with a foot over the edge as the train pulled into the station. He pulled his foot in just before the train would hit it and stood back laughing. Of course, this caused the train to blare its horn and the operator to immediately get on the intercom reminding folks to stand clear of the train.

This same kid, now on the train with a few more of his friends, pulls a box cutter out of his pocket and starts playing with it … incessantly. He even jokes about stabbing his friends. I did hear him say he’d “found” it and intended to “toss it” before going to school, but it shouldn’t even have been on the train. He got off at Columbia Heights with his friends.

What do you do in a situation like this. Do you insert yourself and demand the blade? Is it acceptable to push the button on the car and alert the operator? Do you follow the kid out of the station and alert the kiosk attendant?

I’m at a loss. I feel stupid for just being an observer and yet don’t know what I should have done. I do know I’d recognize the kid again.

Metro Considering Credit & Debit Payment Options.

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metro-busAccording to WJLA, Metro officials say they are considering a system that would let commuters pay for bus, train and parking with credit or debit cards. Riders would wave their cards, which are imbedded with a computer chip, across a card reader. The method would be an alternative to Metro’s current payment options such as SmarTrip, its electronic fare card.

As someone who uses Metro frequently, such a change will likely have no impact on me. But, I think this has great potential and will be far more convenient for the casual user or vacationer. Currently, cash is no longer accepted for parking. Those that don’t use the system often, or don’t live here, tend to not want to buy a SmarTrip card for a handful of uses.

Buy opening up the system to other plastic alternatives, this could help speed things along and keep frustrations to a minimum. Its also just good, old fashioned, customer service.