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Then and Now: 519 and 521 Rock Creek Church Road

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Moore & Hill, Inc. Ad May 29, 1910Then: 519 and 521 Rock Creek Church Road, NW, newly completed and offered for sale in this ad from May 29, 1910. Ranging from $4,950 to $6,250, the only major differences in these homes besides the price is the size of the lot and the choice of smooth stucco, textured stucco, and red brick.

519-521 rock Creek Church RoadNow: 521 Rock Creek Church Road sold on March 26, 2009, for $525,000. It was originally listed nearly a year earlier for $703,500, if memory serves.


Get Your Fireworks!!! While They Last

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The firework stand on the corner of Rock Creek Church Rd & New Hampshire Avenue is finally open for business … so get them while they last!Fireworks stand open

Washington Fences

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They say fences make good neighbors, and I’ll tell you, if I had this fence between me and my neighbor I think it would be an improvement. You just can find anything this nice anymore. If I recall correctly, this is on the 700 block of Rock Creek Church Rd.
Fence on Rock Creek Church Rd
Fence on Rock Creek Church Rd

Interesting Iron Gate

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I saw this iron gate on Rock Creek Church Rd. and just wanted to share. One thing I like about several of the old fences around town is how individual they are. Today we would just go to Home Depot or some such place and get some standard design off the floor. From what I’ve seen that doesn’t seem to have been the case 90 years ago.Iron gateI think what really makes this gate so special is the detail at the top.Gate detail image

WASA Water Valve Replacement Nearing Completion

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About a month into the WASA project at 5th and Quincy, NW, I asked how long one of these projects is supposed to take. It looks like I finally have my answer. After about two months or so, it looks like the only thing left is new pavement.
WASA construction at 5th and QuincyAnd speaking of paving, the road roller was brought in this morning, so I’m expecting some serious progress by the time I get home tonight.road roller

This Date in History

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June 23, 1954: The Soldiers’ Home governor, Gen. Wade Haislip, and seven church and community organizations testified in opposition to sale of liquor within half a mile of the Soldiers’ Home.Old Soldiers' Home

Heated Driveway and Steps … Nice!

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Driveway getting tubing to heat it in winterI thought this was an interesting idea. The residents on the corner of Randolph and 5th Streets, NW, decided to replace their driveway and sidewalks/steps into their home. This isn’t all that amazing in and of itself … but they went another step further and installed tubing beneath the concrete that will contain heated water in the winter and keep the concrete snow and ice free. You can read some more about heated driveways here>>

Considering that we tend to get a lot of ice in this area, I think this idea is brilliant. Ice is hard to shovel, and freezing rain happens enough that it is definitely a nice feature to have.

Wayan Vota also caught a shot of the installation in progress which you can see below.
I'm getting too old to shovel snow

Now, both the sidewalk and driveway look like any other example in the neighborhood.Newly poured heated sidewalk